The Platform

“Throughout the years in business, I found something. Which was I’d always ask why you do things, and the answers you invariably get is Oh, that’s just the way it’s done. Nobody knows why they do what they do. Nobody thinks about things very deeply in business”. – Steve Jobs

Glassover & Raitz represents an attractive and intelligent alternative to the traditional approach of listing and mass marketing investment properties.

The Company's core belief is that it is far more effective and efficient to discreetly build a critical mass of carefully vetted, institutional quality buyers, and subsequently create a highly competitive bidding environment.

Consistent with it's core belief, Glassover & Raitz does not list property nor “tie up” an asset for an extended period of time. While the Company maintains a complete industry database, it believes that a properly conducted, highly targeted marketing approach is the most effective and efficient way to achieve the Client’s strategic objective in the shortest amount of time.

In several significant ways, Glassover & Raitz is modeled more like a law firm than a typical commercial real estate brokerage firm. Confidentiality is first and foremost. The Company never mass markets property, and does not believe in overexposing an acquisition opportunity by presenting it to relatively marginal buyers that have neither the capital nor the capability of closing. The Company recognizes that every real estate asset is unique and carefully and confidentially controls which buyers are presented with the opportunity. This discerning approach limits the dissemination of proprietary information, and saves the buyer and seller time and money.

For more than a decade, the principals of Glassover & Raitz have worked at the highest level with many of the most important real estate investment firms in the world. The Company's professional relationships with key decision makers at these firms are second to none, facilitating solution-driven communications throughout the transaction.

Powerful presentation and negotiation skills, along with formal credentials that far exceed the norm in the commercial brokerage industry, are among the Company's strongest attributes.

From a seller’s perspective, the Company’s discretionary approach eliminates the need to review offers from buyers that lack the necessary funds and ability to actually close. Furthermore, since all prospective buyers are carefully vetted, property tours are limited to highly qualified buyers, thereby preserving the uninterrupted flow of property operations.

From a buyer's perspective, institutional quality investment firms genuinely appreciate an opportunity to aggressively compete for a Glassover & Raitz’ property, since their bona fide offers are never competing against offers from "wannabe" buyers.

Glassover & Raitz communicates with their institutional quality buyers on a regular basis, in order to fully understand precisely which markets, and which asset types they plan to invest in. This type of forward-looking, confidential market information concerning each buyer's strategic objectives gives the Company powerful proprietary knowledge. This knowledge significantly levers the Company's unique platform, and ultimately works to the benefit of all parties involved in the transaction.

Longstanding relationships that have resulted in substantial repeat business, evidence the high level of satisfaction, among both sellers and buyers, with the Glassover & Raitz approach.